Value Time, Value Life : Time Which Has Passed Away, Never Comes Back

Value Time, Value Life barely 4 words but big on significance, some have realised, some have not but sooner or later they will! Life has been so good to you, remember the golden time with your friends and family; wake up early in the afternoon, eat good food, watch TV, take a nap and join friends to make a fool out of everyone, a time when you make regret-free mistakes. And now, look at yourself you care for nothing but your daily, all you know is wake up early in the morning even though you don’t want to and prepare yourself for another day.

So what, if you have to work hard for your daily, so does everybody but what matters is are you able to Value Time, Value Life? A big idea but easy to execute and all you need to do is understand and hack! One must be thankful to his boss for the time that he gets after a rough day at work, after all those arguments, after all those scolding, the time that you value the most, the time when you are finally home. How can a person be so tough that after such a not-so-pleasant day, goes home for the same old sugar, the wife the kids and the dog who have been waiting for you the entire day for some vegetables and groceries, help with homework and if you are lucky enough you may get to take the dog for a walk too! Such a wonderful time indeed.

And finally comes the weekend, the 2 days that pass with the blink of an eye and comes back only after a decade. You have been planning a weekend for so long and when the day arrives you waste it lazing around your bed. These are the 2 days that your boss happily gives you to relax a bit, live the life you want and spend some money on things that are less valuable to your boss.

Have you ever wondered that you could have been a boss too but why did you have to end up like this? The answer is KARMA. If and only you were not sleeping till the break of noon and kept lazing around but worked hard for your dreams and chased them with all your will and determination you could have been a boss too! But what has happened is past and you still have a long way to travel, you messed up with your Karma once don’t do it again, just go ahead and do something witty, go for a cross country ride with your loved ones, come back with a whole lot of good memories, share the joy of togetherness and most importantly Value Time, Value Life while you still can!

{It’s not about ‘Bach ke Tu Rehna’ It’s About Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara}

- Barun

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