30 Minutes is all I have!

As a routine I leave for office at 8:30 am every day and I usually take an Ola cab.  This gives me my much needed 30 mins to watch videos, news basically my catch up on what’s happening around the world!

Invariably, with the surplus from the worlds of Tata Sky, Hotstar and YouTube that I normally follow and not to forget the movies & songs which I recently side-loaded I am left confused as to what to watch and what not to. Too many apps, lot of content to watch & above all the free data from Reliance JIO – but again WHAT to WATCH and WHERE to WATCH?

My 30 mins is reduced to less than 3 minutes of meaningful or relevant entertainment.
I was struggling with this when one day my cabbie out of nowhere asked me “Aap VuLiv Media Player use karte ho?” (Do you use VuLiv Media Player app?)

He seemed to be pretty impressed with the app then I thought reminded of the old adage Word of Mouth is the best marketing a brand can get.  I thought of giving the app a try!

I quietly downloaded the app on my android phone and trust me life has not been the same since then!  The app has actually resolved my media management issues that I just mentioned!

Apart from online videos from Youtube, Daily Motion etc. it gives me access to my side-loaded data as well! My photos / my videos / my songs are right in front of me all in one place neatly sorted giving me the quickest access I’ve ever had in any app!

It is something worth sharing with you all, give VuLiv Media Player a try and you will fall in LOVE with it, trust me!

Make sure you MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR 30 MINS and yes, don’t forget to SPREAD THE WORD J

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