Human Talent Or Human Values - What is more Important?

A lot of us possess a lot of inborn talent , over time we learn few skills , adopt few values and evolve them with during different phases of life.

Right from kindergarten to the professional stage , each of such talent & values help us in myriad mysterious ways to put us ahead or behind others. But on the big stage when it’s a fight between equals – Who wins the Race ? or who Gets Lucky…The more talented guy or the Guy with better Values or the Guy with reasonable talent with Better Value system – No One I believe can link the Reward to the real reason and sometimes it baffles human judgement of how the less talented guy won the competition when there was some more deserving talent.

Somewhere , such situations compels us to believe its all about Karma , Direct or Indirect by our actions, gestures , deeds or by  Talent driven work.

How & When your karma will bring the Delta in the Race Among Equals , only Karma Knows…

Therefore, In your race to sharpen your skills, and in born talent , don’t forget to build your Karma Balance with right values & ethics , you never know when you may need it in the race among 2 equally talented groups .

Because It’s a race to impress the Gods.

Your Karma, Your Luck, Your Life…

- Manoj

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