It's always been about connecting the dots!

These beautiful lines are probably the basis for every innovation making rounds today, particularly guiding the way we "liv lyf b'tr" everyday, better than yesterday in every sense. Probably you never realized but everything you are fond of today is in your good books because they connected the dots from the past. Be it your favorite social networking site (Facebook) or your favorite sip phone (Skype) or your favorite chat client (WhatsApp), everyone has their predecessors who have had high chances of becoming what these apps are today! All they lacked was probably the capability to carry forward best of the things from their own predecessors and hence leave the less relevant ones, clearly failing to Connect The Dots and becoming repetitive & banal!

Hence, we at VuLiv, have worked hard to connect the unconnected and we will thrive to get its' customers the best of experiences from the best of the worlds from present and past. Because for us, making people Liv Lyf B'tr, is all what matters.

We are doing our Karma, time to do yours!
Download the app to Liv Lyf B'tr with our connected dots!

- Saurabh

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