Don’t Wait for Your Cupid Stupid

Valentine’s, among the most awaited occasions of teenage life (even beyond!), a kind of survival of the fittest event. The ONE BIG LESSON it teaches us - Nothing ventured nothing gained.  

Well, the day is all about you and all about your feelings for that special someone. It’s about making them known! So, walk right up, put yourself on the line, just make sure you make them feel special! You cannot wait for someone else to come over and hook you up with your Mr./Ms. Right! You have to do it on your own.

That said, there’s nothing worse than holding yourself back for the fear of rejection. Go ahead express your feelings. Let it flow, let the person know about your feelings. At least you made a place in their minds if not in their heart!

The Sun will still come out the next day and the stars will shine at night. Opportunity shall come knocking at the doors of your heart again! Till then keep living, better still, keep loving. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  1. waaaaaaaooooo........

    the sun notifies glory and it rises every day

    so dont fear for what will happen next,
    just do it

  2. Chaar Din Ho Gaya Hai Paise Nahi Deti Hai

  3. Chaar Din Ho Gaya Hai Paise Nahi Deti Hai

  4. 5 dinose mujebhi paisa nahi Mila hai

  5. Mera rewad main otp option nahi araha hain