#HoliKeGubbare – Holi Contest

Loaded with Holi excitement? Let’s over load this excitement with a contest! This Holi, we bring you another chance to bag amazing prizes and all you need to do is sit back, relax and re-visit your beautiful memories!
Launch the VuLiv Media Player app on your Android / iOS phone, switch to your videos tab, start watching your videos and Keep watching till you spot #HoliKeGubbare. More the gubbaras you spot, higher are your chances of winning.
Winners will be announced on 15th March 2017. Start now - https://goo.gl/mjOkMd
Terms & Conditions
1. #HoliKeGubbare contest is open to the registered users of VuLiv Media Player on Android and iOS.
2. Contest is not open to Friends and Relatives of employees of VuLiv(MSPL).
3. To participate in the contest:
Watch more and more of your videos in the Videos tab until you start spotting Holi Baloons during the contest period (10th-12th March 2017). Contest closes on midnight 12th March 2017.
4. The winners will be announced on 15th March, 2017 on VuLiv Media Player Facebook page.
5. The lucky winners shall be chosen on the sole discretion of VuLiv (MSPL) and the decision shall be final and binding on all participants.
6. The winners would need to share and verify their details as required by VuLiv (MSPL) within 24 hours of their name being announced.
7. VuLiv (MSPL) reserves the right to seek appropriate documents for such verification or reject winners whose identity is not established to satisfaction.
8. VuLiv reserves all the rights to change the gratification for the winners of contest. In case of any changes, winners will be informed by a message on their verified email id and/or mobile number.
9. VuLiv reserves the right to change, modify, extend, curtail or withdraw the contest at any time during the contest duration.
10. By participating in the contest the users are deemed to have indicated acceptance of the terms as above.

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