#VPL - VuLiv Player League

Excited about the cricket carnival? Well, let’s double the fun with an exciting contest! Team VuLiv brings you yet another opportunity to bag amazing prizes and a chance to show your support for your favourite team.

Just like cricket, pick a team and keep playing for your team until you believe to have scored an impossible target for your opponent! Every video you watch, be it from your media or the videos in Play gets counted as a run you scored for your team. Similarly, every single song you play gets counted as an important wicket picked for your team.

To win this contest, all you need to do is

· Score runs by watching Video!
· Take wickets by listening to songs!

The contest starts from 10th April 2017 to 16th April 2017, so start practicing, load your phones with movies, songs and more because your team needs you!

Keep Playing - https://goo.gl/DulzLe

Terms & Conditions

1. #VPL contest is open to the registered users of VuLiv Media Player on Android and iOS.

2. Contest is not open to Friends and Relatives of employees of VuLiv (MSPL).

3. To participate in the contest:
Keep listening and watching, enjoy your music with VuLiv Media Player to pick wickets for your team and watch videos from your media and Play to score runs.

4. The winners will be announced on 18th April, 2017 on VuLiv Media Player Facebook page/community.

5. The lucky winners shall be chosen on the sole discretion of VuLiv (MSPL) and the decision shall be final and binding on all participants.

6. The winners would need to share and verify their details as required by VuLiv (MSPL) within 24 hours of their name being announced.

7. VuLiv (MSPL) reserves the right to seek appropriate documents for such verification or reject winners whose identity is not established to satisfaction.

8. VuLiv reserves all the rights to change the gratification for the winners of contest. In case of any changes, winners will be informed by a message on their verified email id and/or mobile number.

9. VuLiv reserves the right to change, modify, extend, curtail or withdraw the contest at any time during the contest duration.

10. By participating in the contest the users are deemed to have indicated acceptance of the terms as above.    

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