The Great Karmic Mystery

Karma! One word many interpretations, one common theme - the deed and the reward are related but not necessarily connected.

The philosophy of Karma is applicable to VuLife i.e. the time you spend using VuLiv Player.
Make VuLiv Player your ONE HOME FOR ENTERTAINMENT. Spend time tagging/editing your photos, listening to your music collection, putting your playlists together, viral videos or watching the best content that internet has to offer.

The longer your VuLife the better the Karma you build!

You can't see it at work, but it is there. Always watching you, keeping track of your actions. Karma believes in fair play. Good for the sake of good, not greed. When and what Karma gives is a reward. It's not a settlement of accounts, it for sure is not a right. Not yours, not anyone else’s.

The Bhagavad Gita says;

Translated it means:

Who gets what and when is in essence the great Karmic mystery of VuLife. Accept it or perish solving it!

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