Let's Deal

Task Update: No winners this time :(


What YOU have to do ? 

1. Update to latest version of VuLiv 4.1.0 
2. Open VuLiv.
3. Go to Left Menu & Click SHOP .
4. Under NearBuy Deals, click any category of your choice.
5. At the top right click a funnel shaped icon & choose your city.
6. From the list of deals click BUY on the deal you find interesting
7. On the NearBuy screen, authenticate your mobile number & proceed.
8. LAST STEP - Just Click PAY & make payment via any mode.

That's it !! 


User should be registered on VuLiv Community !
Contest opens on 4th September 
Contest ends on 11th September
User who completes the task successfully stands a chance to win Rs 500 Amazon voucher. 
Winner will be announced on 14th August 2017.

Don't forget to check out the winners of previous tasks in our Connect Section.

Team VuLiv
Support Email - varun.goyal@vuliv.com

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