7 Laws of Karmic Pattern

The Great Law of Karma

“As you sow, so shall you reap." You sow a mango, you reap an apple, that’s not how karma works! You did good, you get good you did bad you deserve a punch in your face. Just be happy, live every moment of your life to the fullest, make new friends explore the world with them, do no harm and earn some good Karma.

The Law of Making a Life

It’s your life, you live it the way you want, no one should bother you. Imagine yourself in a situation, no one to talk, share experiences and have fun, well that’s not life! Celebrate your achievements, share the excitement with friends, take your family out for a vacation come back with some good memories, allow others to be a part of your life and become one of others. Earn some good Karma and you being the medium, help your friends earn some good Karma.

The Law of Growing Up

A little less is known about the way of life. The life you are living is your choice, no one forced it on you! If you were not what you are now, you would have been a mama’s baby. Pretty sure, no parent would want their child to be the wild child but the child would definitely want to be one! Similarly, life surrounds us with things that we start knowingly or unknowingly. You want your life to be full of happiness and surrounded by people you love but this is not going to happen unless you have worked hard for it. It’s you and only you who has the power and authority to change the life you are living. Be kind, be happy share experiences with your loved ones, build some good Karma tell them about the way of life so they do not end up making the same mistakes like you did.
And most importantly, grow up, be mature and start taking responsibility for things that you did and stop playing the blame game!

The Law of Connection

Past present and future, they become more than just a grammar lesson in your life once you are a grown up. It is when you realize that all three of them have been together since the game began! Remember, what you get is what you deserve, Karma comes is all shapes and sizes depending up on your deeds from the past that has shaped your present and what you are about to do will shape your future.

The Law of Focus

Focus is the key to growth! Being a human and focusing on one single thought is not possible. You can either become Sachin Tendulkar or Steve Jobs but you can’t be both at once. More importantly, you have to be very clear with what you want to do and what you don’t! its better you stay focused towards the one that you like the most or you end up screwing both up.

The Law of Here and Now

What was done is done, what needs to be done is important! Regretting the past won’t help, you have to overcome your past and start working now to impact the future. You stick to the past; you miss the beauty of today hence the glory of future is lost. Live the moment, cherish your past for the good, spend some memorable moments with your loved ones and earn some good Karma.

The Law of Patience and Reward

‘Patience is Virtue!’ You know when you are working on something really good and you trust the outcome you know that you have to keep calm and wait for it. Great things are not achieved in one day, it takes time to cook something good and when it is good you are likely to get appreciated. Share this excitement of achieving with your near and dear ones, share your happiness and collect experiences for a lifetime! 

- Barun 

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