7 Laws of Karmic Pattern – Re-visited (2016)

“They don’t call us the Generation of Change for nothing, we are the innovators; we are the re-Inventors!”

The Great Law of Karma and the Greater Good

We changed “As you sow, so shall you reap” to “The more you sow, the more you reap”! The business age has re-defined the law and you know; the more you invest the more you make but be careful with what you invest.  

The Law of Making a Life with The Ruins

Look around yourself, what do you see? Same old tired faces, well this is exactly what those faces think when they look at you! These faces around you are the faces that you chose to be a part of your life and thankfully nothing can be changed, you have to live with it.

The Law of Growing Up without those Responsibilities

Yes, growing up is fun until you realize the drawbacks of it. Go to school, come back home, play your favourite game, watch your favourite cartoon, do your homework (only if you feel like) and get some sleep; back then life was much easier and one day you grow up!

The Law of Connection and Payback

Remember that one time when you were playing that prank on your friend and you accidentally broke his head, Karma saw that and one day you will have to pay for it. Think twice before you do anything stupid because you know who’s watching. What if, at that one time you were sent by karma itself to teach your friend a lesson who might have done something similar and it was his time for Payback!

The Law of Focus and Multiple Talents

Wow! Feels so great to be multi-talented and confusing on the other hand. You are a pretty good cricketer but you want to try your luck as an actor. Is it possible? It is completely your call; you want to become a cricketer, fine you want to become an actor, cool but make sure you are not sailing in 2 different boats at the same time!  

The Law of Here and Now or Never

Past was a mess, present does not look pretty good either and the future; just forget it! Regretting the past hasn’t helped anyone and you are no special. The only way to make things better is to act now and act good. No one controls the future but Karma and you’ve got to trust it.

The Law of Patience and Reward and Achievement and Greatness and so on…

When you know you are doing a great job, take all the criticism not to change but to improvise. People generally do not accept what seems to be out of their reach and this is the opportunity to reach out for it and make them feel guilty about their feeling of Right! 

- Barun

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