The Beginning of a New Era

What else can you ask from an application if it has everything you need to enjoy and be entertained without spending a single dime to win it? But, is there any such existing application? Fortunately, yes! VuLiv media player allows you to experience the prowess of not just a media player but full-packed application equipped with every single feature that a user needs to beat the boredom.

With VuLiv Media Player, you’ll have the chance to enjoy Live digital television, Photo Gallery, mp3 player, video player, an added functionality to Play videos as audio, Floating Video, Stream video, read/watch News, Entertainment and much more! 

VuLiv is not just a media player but a 1 stop shop for all your entertainment needs. It fills-in all the missing elements of the ultimate time killer in just one set up! If you are excited to take advantage of all the freebies and more, go ahead and grab your privilege to own the complete software in a single package, VuLiv Media Player! 

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