VuLiv Player - Your Food Court of Entertainment

They don’t call us the face of endless hours of entertainment for nothing! Just like a food court which is a hub of eat outs, VuLiv Player is your gateway to a world of entertainment. You enter a food court, you have so many choices of cuisines; Chinese, south Indian, Italian and the list goes on! Once you run your eyes through the menu and you start to go out of control, without wasting much time you place your order and start feeding those cravings.

Similarly, in VuLiv Player you find all the major entertainers at 1 place, all you need to do is pick your genre from sports, lifestyle, news etc. and kill time the way you like. In a food court you get a taste of what you haven’t tried but always wanted to. You find it good, you would definitely visit the one that specializes. Similarly, VuLiv Player curates exclusive audio video content from the giants of the entertainment industry and gives you a flavour of each one of them. You try them out on VuLiv Player and only then you go for it.    

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