What Makes VuLiv Different from other Media Apps

The word “Media” itself comprises of Photos, Videos, Music, and Text. Therefore, an app is said to be a Media App when it provides all these and that is what VuLiv offers.

One can access all his local media (i.e., Photos, Videos, Music) under one roof. Not only this, VuLiv also keeps its users updated with latest news around the world with a hint of entertainment.

One of the strongest points of VuLiv is its Play section which has all the online content like latest news, fresh and exclusive videos along with their categories. One can even stream his favourite online videos from YouTube or watch Live TV on the Go!

When you download VuLiv, you save some extra MBs as you are getting 4 sections in one app and thereby not downloading any separate apps.

Did I mention E-Commerce?

Yes, Live section in VuLiv offers you some good and budget products to buy from and who knows if you can get them for free also as you know Karma pays off always!

To add more, VuLiv comes loaded with amazing features like Floating Video Player, Music Widget, Set song as Ringtone, YouTube and DailyMotion Search which are cherry on the cake.
When you get so much to do at 1 place, how about giving it a try??!!

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