Brand Promise

What we did 2 years back with mobile Advertising was an experiment with the same intent of creating a branded marketplace for communication platform for who we are , what we do, why we do & how can you an experience this us? In the Process, we did various experiments and has super success and Great feedback from customers ,always wanting 4 more. But we were still not satisfied with the fact where the behaviour of the customer was influenced with an objective of earning his reward and therefore his time.

So after a lot of deep thought and deliberation , we came up with an experience such as now where there are no explicit appeals to customers for influencing his behaviour but provide him with a set of offline - online media viewing experience that in itself are worthy for a user to spend time on the platform where brands could tell their story ? The customer to whether to receive candy or no candy in exchange is a system function of platform algorithms to determine how many, if any , & who all should get candies to redeem against experiences that money cant buy or can actually. Platform algorithms determine basis time spent on platform or on the application basis customer's willingness to share information about himself , his interests and his genuine viewing pattern on the platform.

Promise of Yesterday

The reason to download, watch my Advertising before you do anything and Therefore earn points to recharge.

Promise of Today

The reason to download, spend time on my platform across any section of your local media, my downloadable media or your favourite internet media directly or mixed together as chosen by yourself to not only entertain, educate , inform but gives a way to liv lyf b'tr .

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