Vuliv - What it Means for Brands?

It’s a Platform for Brands to create 360-degree Influence about their Brand, Products & Interact with them intuitively, intrusively and indirectly as per customer. A platform which uses Technology to create cognitive profile portrait of user and creates opportunities for Brand Engagement through Brands and Brand Products. It’s a platform for brands to establish their identity in consumers subconscious to create brand familiarity and therefore preference & conscious choice.

It is to seep in Brand Essence and Elements into customer top of mind recall & prepare their intent at the time of future purchase. This way consumers will prefer Brands not because they have experienced those brands but because their subconscious fears of unknown experiences are already addressed with the subconscious having knowledge of brand elements and essence. Now both conscious and unconscious state have paired up together to complete the knowledge loop.

A Brand can choose from vanilla video advertising to an overall 360 degree cover to engage with user through Brand Themes with Native Display or Engagement in Player/App controls. While a video plays, to provide awareness about brand, it creates user profile portrait including his emotional / biological intent on media consumption. This platform is most suited to influence the BOPY who because of their lack of Rational / Scientific judgement and have more reasons to believe on a conscious brand promise because their sub conscious is familiar with that brand.

A completely new innovative way of native advertising for Brands who take lead to innovate and create scientific evidence for their brands to design better products / more importantly better media to communicate about brand and brand products more effectively.

Why Should brands look @ us?

Because we provide innovative scientific way to engage & influence / impress customer’s subconscious to solve problems of conscious decision making and leading to familiarity and preference, research, advertising, creative quality and all of them @ qualitative scale through Most engaging & relevant medium of their target customers i.e. Mobile for communication between brand and Consumers.

We are not just building a platform for branded/non branded or Premium/non premium content but building for social content for experiences a user chooses to opt-in

Its an extremely powerful yet simplified way to reach the consumer via media.

Its to create an infinite loop with consumers who consume brand media mixed with own media to understand and desire brand products to consume them as experience.

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