Changing the Entertainment Equation

Entertainment has always been the fuel to the human soul. One needs regular dosage of entertainment to remain energetic, innovative and happy. No wonder entertainment doesn’t come free. Times change and so the sources of entertainment. From ancient times the entertainment sources have grown from cinema to radio to television to internet and so on! Plus, everybody’s entertainment preferences have been dependent on their socio-economic status. VuLiv Media Player is an attempt to change that equation by providing all an equal access to entertainment.

 In the growth cycle of any media, it has to spread across as many user segments as possible that defines the success & long term existence of that media. Any new media generally starts by catering to few segments of the users who can basically afford it. As that media walks towards its saturation level, the access cost gets reduced covering more user segments and that happens through the visibility that media provides to brands or advertisers. Today we get access to hundreds of TV channels in a few hundred bucks. That is basically the cost of delivering those channels at our place whereas the production & all other costs are taken care by advertisers. The overall cost of a newspaper is much more than we pay for because of advertiser & publisher ecosystem.

VuLiv is trying to create an ecosystem in today’s media that is Mobile phones. Mobiles are not restricted as devices just to communicate. All day to day entertainment needs are fulfilled through smart mobile devices. VuLiv MediaPlayer has arranged all the entertainment needs (images, videos, audio) of the users at place along with a personalized feed of online entertainment. Yes, there is some promoted content seeped in natively, but this is what helps the users Live a better Life! This opens the world of monetary and non-monetary benefits to the end user. The day is not far when all mobile needs of customers will be fulfilled by just having entertainment which is available to all!

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