10 Friends 10 Days [ Update: Contest Winner Announced ]

[ Winner - Shubham Soni ( shubh****471@gmail.com )] 

TASK: GET 10 friends on VuLiv in 10 days

What YOU have to do ? 

1. Update to latest version of VuLiv 4.0.2 
2. Open VuLiv.
3. Go to Left Menu.
4. Click Tell a friend.
5. Click Invite & choose Whatsapp.
6. Share the app to 10 friends.
7. Click Here to fill the form & share the mobile numbers of friend who were referred by you. 

What YOUR  friend needs to do ? 

1. Download the app.
2. Register with VuLiv by clicking SHOP in the left menu.
3. Use the app, watch a video or listen to a song or just click a selfie! 
4. Drop us a feedback by visiting Settings in left side menu & clicking Feedback.
5. Drop a comment on Play Store by visiting LOVE US in left side menu.


User should be registered on VuLiv Community !
Contest opens on 19th July 
Contest ends on 28th July
User who completes both tasks successfully stands a chance to win Rs 500 Amazon voucher. 
Winner will be announced on 31st July 2017.

Team VuLiv
Support Email - varun.goyal@vuliv.com

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