VuLiv Media Player – A Hot New Trend

I have been using VuLiv media player from the past one year and I can bet, no other media player can beat this player in terms of features, UI and user friendly behavior. VuLiv manages our whole media including Photos, Videos & Music at 1 place. It’s definitely better than old ways of browsing and playing media on your phone.

There are a few other features of the app that makes it best from the rest of the apps like slideshow of the photos, floating video player, play video as audio, music widget and much more hidden features. Also it keeps you updated with the latest news around the world.

Another interesting section Play, solely dedicated to provide you with a whole new world of online infotainment like latest news, exclusive trending videos from YouTube, Dailymotion and can also go for Live TV within VuLiv Media Player itself. Let’s say VuLiv is an attempt to save a few extra MBs that you utilize to operate media apps.

In short, while you have 1 app on your device to manage all, what is the use of downloading separate apps!

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