VuLiv 4.0 Ka Baahubali

Hope you guys are loving the latest version of VuLiv Player 4.0. Well, every single member of the team worked like crazy to get it done but there was 1 guy who did exceptionally well, Gursewak Singh!

A humble, hard-working android guy who patiently completed all the tasks assigned within the given time! Guru is the one behind the awesome feature, chromecast. But let me tell you, like Baahubali could not have tasted victory without his army, Gurusewak could not have done so well without the support of his team and mentors.

We’re glad to have a BUDDY like you Guru, keep up the good work! We look forward to your consistent efforts to make VuLivPlayer the ultimate media player for our users and help us make it even more beautiful, even more playful, even more useful. 

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  1. Yaaron da tashan... JIO Guru... Befikre... Wahe Guru ji Da Khalsa, Wahe Guru ji de Fateh.