6 Reasons Why VuLiv Player: Your 1-Stop-Shop for Entertainment

There are so many media players available in the market but only a few make it to our phones, why? May be, they were the early players who could grab attentions at first place or they have our loyalties from the time of CRT monitor computers when mobile phones didn’t even exist. 

With android coming into the picture, new players started emerging with innovative ideas and one such is VuLiv Player. A one of a kind, rather the first of its kind media player which guarantees endless hours of entertainment, let me tell you how!

·         1 Home for Your Photos Videos and Music

Now find all your photos, videos and music at 1 place, surely a unique and a lovely feature, probably we all felt like having something like this someday. The best part, you save those extra MBs on your phone and let your task manager relax a bit.

·         Endless Hours of Entertainment

Not just a home for your offline media, VuLiv Player is also a hub of entertainment where you can enjoy exclusive curated content across all genres of News & Information, entertainment, gossips and lots more from some of the most popular names of the entertainment industry.

·         YouTube Streaming

Now that you have exclusive curated content to kill the boredom what if you feel like watching something which is not available on the platform? Well not to worry and don’t even think about hitting the exit button! Just tap the search bar and start streaming your favourite YouTube videos. 

·         The Marketplace

Now this is something you have never imagined! A marketplace integrated in a media player with exclusive experiences. Get the best deals around you with the ease of a tap of buy goodies to drool over. 

·         Utilities

Yes, you read it right, not just media, entertainment, a marketplace VuLiv Player also provides some super awesome utilities as well like mobile recharge and online wallets! The media player app not only creates online wallets for you, it also lets a user to make transactions using wallets within the app.

·         Chromecast

Now that’s a smart feature for your smartphone. Cast your favourite media on the BIG screen, your television. Be it photos, videos music or even online content streaming, just connect to your TV and lose yourself to the word of entertainment!

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