VuLiv Player 4.0.1 Top 3 Highlights

1 Home
Tag your photos, name your songs, Videos & Search,Organise better.

Reel Vu
A unique technology that can recommend you instantly an ONLINE content basis your Offline Content Use

All from local news , Cricket @ Hotstar, Roadies @ Voot, Sachin @ Viu, Happifi,  India TV and the God YouTube at the same Place without Lifting your FINGER.

Karma Rewards
Wherever you want , however you want – Wallet, Product,Experiences, Offers

For Brands

Eye View Tech
A technology that tells you the difference between Played and Viewed (Human Eye ) . A Lot goes down the drain paying for Complete But ineffective Views

Time Bomb
Ability to seed a consumer call to action during offline content viewing at predefined date & time in Future to BRING him ONLINE to the Target.

Data Analytics

Massive Offline consumption of Songs, Music Videos to build the biggest recommendation ever made…(Not Even You Tube Thought of this. At least did not Do anything)

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