Why VuLiv was Born & Why Is It So Important to the Internet?

India Rising. Internet Rising.
Everybody wants a piece of Internet.
How many meaningfully connected monthly users - 50-60 Mn?

Nobody Focuses on User.
Everyone Focuses on Digital User so be if its FAKE

Surprisingly No Advts. Network- inmobi, google, Facebook
No OS- Android or iOS not even Mr. Alphabet having crossed Midpoint O in alphabets or THE Apple in class 10.1 Ever thought of seizing this massive opportunity of grabbing customer’s attention - Young, Fresh and Virgin i.e. when he buys the device and is In OFFLINE …(this almost seems like out of Digital syllabus..)

Any Guesses, Y they were never worried about offline because the advts/the money was in ONLINE INTERNET state ….. (what will I Do with the user, if he does not have Internet- said Mr. Larry) …..
But then what about the massive information of the user habits and behavior usage when he is OFFLINE seems of no-use to the Digital GODs. Or it Just got missed for so many years for Team VuLiv to Find out.

Staying Connected with the user when he switches between the Offline –Online States also never occurred to them until recently when they started creating their fractional Offline identity called “Save to OFFLINE” but still, what he does offline w.r.t Local Content media viewing seems irrelevant despite the “Share it” or “whats app video share” phenomenon.

For the user all along, none in the Internet Space mattered because for him Whether Side Loaded (OFFLINE) or downloaded Streamed ONLINE Content, it was “THE Content “ and NOT where he got it from whether Gaana,Saavn or Share it,Moreover, The poor Indian consumer has far bigger problems to solve than buy content with Hard earned money so be it if Paytm karo is the new jana gana mana or Jio 4G is the new prayer taught in schools….

We at VuLiv Player
Believes The Story Starts when the customer buys the DEVICE and turns on the PHONE 99.9 % Offline and then keep Oscillating between his Personal Online & Offline Needs/moments through the day (Internet may still be running in background or available while viewing local content or/and may be switched off by choice for reasons of Battery, Privacy, Commercial or Just Habit)

& therefore We created a Media Player called VuLiv Player….

1 Home
For his Local @ Photos-Videos-Music and PLAY@ Internet . For all he wants to consume in his personal device through out the day with or without INTERNET @ 1 place with 1 click seamlessly oscillating between Offline – Online Moments.

Photos-Videos-News-Music Videos-Music- Chats- Audiobooks- Interviews – Internet Radio etc.

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