#The Intelligent Video Player VuLiv Player

The Intelligent video Player that uses machine learning techniques on users Video & Music consumption /Usage to build automatic recommendations.

VuLiv Player, The most advanced analytics driven, artificially intelligent audio-video Player uses machine learning algorithm on Users Music video consumption to build predictive & prescriptive recommendations. The AI works at 3 different layers including
     Meta Tag AI – Using Click patterns on Media Usage and matching Album, Artist, Genra, File name with a large device/online library.

·     Bio metric EyeVu AI  - that works on Human Eye attention span to simulate attention span of users; works by measuring human eye angular gaze on the video and measures eye movement or blinking.

·         Device Deep Learning & visualizations – associated with customers apps suite, location, device information including scanning/unearthing the brands affinity of transacting message communication received by the customers. Works by synthesizing the distributed information across various applications and simplifying them into easy to understand rich media banners.

These 3 layers of AI builds a holistic latent need class of what truly interests a customer from clicking an entertainment piece to making a transaction by clicking an engagement or just consuming more & more content. The platform big data engines synthesize very large amount of consumption data to predict & prescribe audio video playlists , photo collage , capturing moments & memories @ 1place.This unsupervised form of self-learning indexes and discovers new content from a large data pool basis customers desired intent of meta tag clicks thereby self-search for consumers removing the need for type & search.The data science algorithms help consumers by making faster and better decisions on behalf of customers thereby simplifying entertainment experience.

This core decision making ability of the platform is unique for the set of new connected customers adopting the connected world . These customers who are semi educated, semi prepared, lazy, filled with inertia ,gets to  discover their favorite content effortlessly thereby becoming empowered with the use of technology.

#Role of AI in Advtg Media Entertainment
#Cocktail of AI + ML + DS+NCP helps to create that decision tree just by basis a click of content.
#How AI use of Media Player Helps combat piracy and Promote Originals.
#How AI build bridges between Media consumption such as Music Favorites to Online Music Playlist discovery @ YouTube or Gaana, Saavn, Hungama
# How Meta Tag AI builds infinite playlists , favorite predictions, recommendations on just 1 click.
# AI+ML helps Make Better Decisions , Faster & easier.

EyeVu AI combats Digital Advtg Fraud , Creative Lifting ,A/B Testing For Digital . Human attention on digital platforms today is being measured by the number of seconds a video content is being played without assigning any importance to being watched.

The Artificial Intelligence employed in Eye Vu Technology to measure creative lift of entertainment video piece can build infinite predications and prescriptions for customers and brans to offer more relevant , compelling, gripping content / entertainment. This piece of technology combined with power of big data AI can unearth , human science data to build the right creative content be it for advertising  or entertaining.

This Human science data can be utilized for building sentimental analysis /attention gauge of customers by using math’s and correlation with human linking.

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Deep Device Learning helps consumer unearth valuable information that can synthesized by running data science on the transacting brand Messages received in the Inbox as well as other applications utilized by the customer to enable in the moment usage by the customer to make the best of offers as well as brands to engage with the customer at the right time with the right call to action.

The data science platform runs Machine learning techniques to bring out the pattern in the messages received by various brands that a customer has chosen to engage but is unaware of their offers being received before they EXPIRE. This use of AI , helps collate all such offers while the customer is engaged and simplifies the call to action between internet and core SMS +voice communication network Fallbacks.

Such use of  data science and communication Technology can be extended to other applications such as calendar , cab booking , food ordering apps and embedded natively in the video watch experience of the engaged customers.. ..

Imagine the overlap of Eye Vu AI with Deep Device learning integration to pop out the hidden brand offer/message the customer was waiting for – right in front of him in a non-interruptive and rich media format to enable him avail/ being informed before regretting the expiry of the offers. Such integrations can deep linked using Google’s deep link technology to reach the desired embedded screen in the application enabling a single click discovery and transaction for the user.

Such integration of AI can be incredibly useful for building effectiveness and efficiency of existing brand communication being popped out at the right time with the right attention of the customer  ….

At the same time , removing the need of ill targeted infinite number of programmatic advts spoiling entertainment time .

#Personlised Targetting
#Information from brands I want to use
#Targetting Simplified
#Sifting Distributed Information
#Ondevice Information Embedded into Video

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