VuLiv Player # Role of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in Video Advertising and Video Story telling

VuLiv Player, The most advanced & intelligent audio-video Player that uses AI & machine
learning algorithm on Users Music Video consumption to build predictive & prescriptive
recommendations. The Artificial intelligence engine works at 3 different layers in the VuLiv
Platform including Meta Tag AI, EyeVu AI and Deep Device Learning.

Here, I am explaining the use of EyeVu technology built on native android library for use of
customer’s interest derived out of his constant gaze and attention to a piece of moving frames
called video.

This layer of intelligence works on Human Eye movement across a set of angles or even eye
blinking. Even the slightest of eye movement helps the algorithms calculate which second or
frame of video customer attention was lost or regained thereby eliminating bias on behalf of
marketers and remove human judgement of any marketing campaign being successful or

This will also help decode the science of compelling storytelling by advising creative artists on
which frame what changed and create a A/B video testing sample for them to see the response
of the desired audience by exposing them to different edits of the video under control
condition .

Reference Images depicting EyeVu in motion.

# EyeVu AI can combats Digital Advtg Fraud , viewability challenges , A-B testing for digital videos. 

Human attention on digital platforms today is being measured by the number of seconds a video content is being played without assigning any importance to being watched ( Viewed).

The Artificial Intelligence employed in Eye Vu Technology can be used to measure creative lift of entertainment video piece can build infinite predictions and prescriptions for customers and brands to offer more relevant, compelling, gripping content / entertainment. This piece of technology combined with power of big data AI can unearth, human science data to build the right creative content be it for advertising or entertaining.

This Human science data can be utilized for building sentimental analysis /attention gauge of customers by using math’s and correlation with human liking. 

EYEVU AI and Return on Investment Funnel 

Today the Marketing Dollars depend on Advertising platforms capabilities to Target consumers basis demographics and then assume the interest of the consumers basis their complete or incomplete viewing analytics reported by the platform . Here the viewing is assumed by the platform analytics of video sessions that played the entire length of video e.g. if an advtg is 30 sec , the complete view is entire 30 seconds and incomplete view is anything is less than 30 seconds. 

Picking up these completely viewed customers , the advertisers then look to create an outreach program and spend marketing dollars to sell their products .

Let us take an example 

On Today’s Advtg Platform – YouTube, Facebook, or any other video Advtg

 A Video Marketing Campaign is targeted across 100000 customers. There are 10000 customers who unassumingly viewed a brand’s video advtg for 30 seconds as reported by the platform.Therefore the brands assumed , these customers are interested in the brand’s product and will buy if re targeted with offers.So Brands decide to send an email/sms/call to those 10,000 customers and spend Rs 1,00,000 but received only 100 queries with a CTR of 1% 


If the same brand ran a campaign on VuLiv platform with Eyevu switched on and received the following results.A Marketing Campaign is targeted across 1,00,000 customers, there are 10,000 customers who completely Played a brand’s video advtg for 30 seconds as reported by the platform. But the completely Viewed customers were only 1000 customers , rest of them viewed less than 100% and had lost interest in the advtg for any reasons of non-exciting copy or did not like their product offering or was not attentive in the most important section of the video they watched with their EYES GLUED ON. 

Therefore, the brands with accurate scientific data of actual WATCHERS, the brands send email/sms/call to those 1000 ( 90% less ) customers and spend Rs 10000 ( 90% Less ) and received 100 queries with a CTR of 10% ( 10% higher –Classify a video campaign successful n repeat ) Therefore With Eye VU AI , The Marketer saved 90% Marketing $ and generated the right conversion confidence of 10% on the advtg platform as well as the confidence on good creative copy of the video advtg rather than wondering if the video made for advtg is not good enough, or the platform is not good enough in the conventional video platforms. 

Additionally , the EyeVu data can give very rich creative insights for brands to investigate the creative insight to understand where the customers are dropping in the Video advtg session , are they dropping within 10% of video start or during 90% and therefore edit the 30 seconds advtg to 20 second or may be change the Call to action to pop out dynamically basis when the customer is most attentively watching the video may be anywhere in last 25 % session than to appear right in the end of the video when 90% have dropped out. 

Imagine if such a research tool is given in the hands of story tellers to understand which portion of the video story are they losing customers interest or getting more interest over a sample of watchers. Suddenly they can derive a scientific formula to a compelling story telling. 

Use of EyeVu in Video Advertisements or Video OTT platforms. 

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